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Vegetarian kidney bean wrap


Homemade wraps

White flour stoned ground milled


Coconut oil

Himalayan salt

Mix the ingredients together and form a hard dough, roll the dough with a roller, cut the dough in circles using a saucer.

Grill them in a pan, 2 minutes on each side until it forms bubbles and it is brown.

Ingredients fot the filling

1 diced tomatoes

1 diced cucumbers

1 cup of red kidney beans

1 cup of sweet corn


Hummus sauce

Cooked chick peas

Raw garlic

Olive oil

Fresh lemon juice


Blend them together in a stick blender

Place a wrap first, add the tomatoes, cucumbers, red kidney beans, sweet corn, add the hummus sauce, add micro herbs for colour.

Enjoy the wraps as a great lunch for your loved ones. Healthy and very nutritious, homemade everything..


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