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Smoked salmon wrap

5 minute meals are every mother’s dream come true. You don’t want to labour around in the kitchen after a long day at work.

However anything just quick has to be nutritious and wholesome for your family. This quick salmon and wrap dinner is a winner.


For the homemade wrap:

Whole wheat flour stoneground milled.



Coconut oil

Mix the flour mixture and form a firm dough. Roll the dough with a roller, and use a saucer to cut it into a circle.

Grill the wrap on a griller or a non stick pan.

Smoked salmon Shredded

Red onions

Green pepper

Sundied tomatoes

Lettuce Shredded



Basil pesto sauce

Basil leaves

Cashews nurs


Olive oil


Lemon juice

Blend them together





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