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Vegan homemade pizza



Pizza dough :

Whole wheat Whitte flour



Luke warm water

Mix the ingredients together and Knead the dough until soft. Let it rise for 1 hour.

Tomato sauce :


Red peppers

Coat them with olive oil and salt, grill them for 30 minutes until crisp.

Blend them together with to make a sauce add, garlic and olive oil.

Creamy cashew sauce:

Blend, roasted tomatoes, garlic, red peppers, and cashew nuts in a blender to make a creamy sauce.

Vegetables topping:

Red onions

Red peppers


Any vegetables that you like

Roll out the dough and assemble your pizza.  Place sauce and sprinkle with the vegetables and bake for 30m until crispy.

Serve with a salad.



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